Ten-Minute Chana Masala [Instant Pot Recipe]

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(Wherever possible, I’m linking to the actual product I used.)

  • Olive oil
  • Cumin seeds – about a tablespoon, maybe more. I was liberal with it.
  • Garlic – I have a jar of chopped garlic, and I use a lot of it, like 2-3 tablespoons, but I’m a bit nuts.
  • Two small/medium onions, sliced
  • Two 15.5 ounce cans of Goya chickpeas, rinsed and drained. (I also made another version with okra instead of chickpeas. For the okra version, I cut up about 20 ounces of okra instead of this.)
  • One medium tomato, cut into chunks but not diced too small
  • Tumeric, about ¼ teaspoon. Could go more.
  • Garam marsala, about a teaspoon. Could go more, to taste. I think I did tablespoon in the second one I made.
  • Salt, about a teaspoon.
  • If you’re into it – I’m not – ¼ tsp of cayenne or red chili powder or flakes.


  • Put the Instant Pot on SAUTE mode. Put in olive oil, when it gets hot, put in cumin seeds and garlic. Stir for about 30 seconds.
  • Add onions, stirring again for about two minutes.
  • Dump everything else into the Instant Pot and stir. Let it saute for another couple of minutes.
  • Turn Instant Pot off (I guess to READY/KEEP WARM) and put on the lid. Make sure it is in “Sealing” mode.
  • Hit MANUAL and PRESSURE. Set it for two minutes. (Yes, only two minutes.)
  • When the timer is done, hit the quick release valve. You’re done!


Originally published on October 31, 2017