Sample Agreement For Medical Services In India

In the event of medical discord or conflict for the patient`s unalterability, all parties concerned note and agree: that all judicial measures must be taken by the patient with regard to the nurse/health centre/hospital only within the Jurisdiction of Bangalore, State of Karnataka, India, and as the measures are not, it is the administration of the company Travel India Company or one of its owners and employees, because it provides a company that makes available to the patient different professional options by listing their services, without exercise/practice. includes all medical portal sites owned and operated by the Travel India company, including medical-surgical portals for hip replacement in India or knee replacement in India, cosmetic dentistry in India, IVF treatment in India or spinal surgery in India. 2.9 Repayment per third. The contractor, which recognizes that Hospital participates in various third-party payment programs, undertakes to do whatever is reasonably necessary to be a provider participating in all of these Hospital-supported programs. The parties will cooperate fully until the end so that both parties are able to meet all the requirements to participate in a reasonable manner and to obtain the highest fair payment in the circumstances of these programs, in the mutual interest, in order to inform the contractor of negotiations relating to third-party payment program contracts that would significantly affect the provision of services by the contractant under that agreement. The contractor undertakes to inform the hospital at least sixty (60) days before the expiry of existing third-party contracts. The contractor undertakes to reduce service costs for inpatients at least 25% of the rate per for services during a period of failure or non-participation. This agreement and/or any other reduced rate agreement would be treated confidentially by the hospital. 5.8 Whistleblower in relation to the status of an independent contractor. Each party may terminate this contract thirty (30) days before written notification to the non-pending party if the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) adopts a final decision that concludes that the contractor, its employees or representatives, including radiologists, do not have the status of an independent contractor. The contractor undertakes to cover all the increased costs of the hospital for the provision of administrative services provided by the contractor, his staff or his agent, including radiologists, in accordance with this agreement, at the time of the issuance of the final provision by the IRS. By using the medical services offered by Travel India Company, you agree to our terms and conditions, if you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, do not sign these terms and conditions.

2.2.3 Designated personnel. The contractor refers to one of its radiologists, who is reasonably acceptable to the EPP/hospital administrator, that the hospital is responsible for the availability and quality of professional medical and administrative services provided by the contractor and that it is responsible for the radiation protection of the service. This person may be the medical director of the service, in accordance with the statutes of the medical staff or even the official authorized to sign this agreement on behalf of the contractor. The licensee may replace the agent provided by this section, after notification to the hospital and agreement of the EPP/hospital administrator, which cannot be improperly detained or refused. 4. All special procedures must be performed within 48 to 72 hours of a physician`s prescription for outpatients and within 24 hours for inpatients if they are able to do so. 1.1 Compensation for the contractor`s professional clinical services.

Originally published on April 11, 2021