Settlement Agreement Solicitors Bradford

We offer you a free telephone consultation to discuss your employment issues and advise you on your legal rights. Our lawyers advise employees from all experience with particular expertise in supporting managers and managers in terms of employment law. Our No-win no-fee-agreements work on us, which have a percentage fee based on the financial payment we ask your employer, either through negotiation or other means. However, it is important to understand that employers may sometimes offer too low financial comparisons and/or attempt to include impeding and commercially unrealistic burden clauses and restrictions in the draft transaction agreements. That`s why it`s essential that you call an employment lawyer who is mindful of these issues and whose expertise and experience can be relied upon to ensure that the terms of your transaction agreement are fair and reasonable. Transaction agreements are legally applicable and binding only if the person invited to sign them has sworn independent legal advice on the terms and effects of the proposed agreement, as well as its impact on their ability to assert rights in an employment tribunal. We regularly negotiate changes to the content and terms of these agreements. Since the agreement requires the worker to seek independent legal advice, it is customary for the employer to include a clause proposing payment of an amount for the legal fees of the independent counsel of the worker`s choice. We have a long and proven track record of employees and executives in relation to their comparison agreements.

The advice can be done by phone or in person and usually lasts about 30 minutes. One of our experienced lawyers will advise you on the text of the agreement and identify any changes. We will explain the impact of the agreement on future rights against your employer (usually – you will not be able to bring any). We work hard to understand your goals to ensure that we get the best possible result and the best possible solution for you. You do not need to sign the contract if you are not satisfied with the terms and if you decide not to do so, you retain your full employment rights to assert rights against the employer. However, it is worth assessing the time and cost of issuing and pursuing a right against the employer`s offer.

Originally published on April 12, 2021