Self Drive Rental Agreement

In the event of an accident, the downtime required for repairs is billed to the customer as a daily rent. “Vehicle” is the car, bus, truck, Suv, 4/4, pickups that YOKS rents to you for the agreed duration of the rental contract and includes all parts and accessories attached to it at the beginning of the rental. The tenant must return the vehicle to the rental location at the time of the rental or earlier, if PSC wishes, in the same condition as when the tenant received it. If the tenant does not return the vehicle at the time, time and time agreed at the time of the rental, time and place, PSC reserves the right to inform the appropriate authorities that the vehicle is stolen or that it is absent. In addition, the tenant is responsible for the vehicle until PSC has inspected and accepted it, including all vehicles returned at a different time and place from those prescribed in the lease. In addition, the lease can be automatically terminated as soon as YOKS is informed of these measures by the legal authorities or by you. A prepayment of the rental period must be paid at the beginning of the rental period. Additional drivers may be charged on site. Clutch plate, pressure plate, transmission damage: it is the tenant`s responsibility to check the car`s operation when it is delivered. The tenant has the right to cancel or request a change of car model if the tenant finds a problem with the car within the first 3 months of his rental period.

In case of damage to the clutch plate, plate or gearbox, the tenant will pay the total cost of the repair and PSC has the right to calculate it on the deposit. For major repairs, downtime is also charged per car day. Backup car Under RSA (Road Side Assitance), towing services, emergency drivers, customer transfer services and auto-break-down service van are all favorite services. No amount will be refunded for the remaining days. The total costs for each rental are determined by the price list based on the prices applicable at the time of the lease on the YOKS website or office, the rental prices of up to six (6) months are negotiable If you wish to keep the vehicle longer than the initial duration set out in the lease, you will first contact the YOKS office by phone or email to extend the term of the lease. Depending on the location, you may need to personally go to the YOKS office to complete the necessary paperwork. While legally intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other absorbed elements that can affect a person`s ability to drive safely. In the event of an accident, the lease is terminated as soon as YOKS has received a copy of the police report and, if necessary, the third party. If YOKS provides a new vehicle, the lease is amended accordingly. Micro Lease: If retirees are a car under “Micro Lease” bay, the minnimum billing will be 30 days or more.

No refund fee is processed if the tenant returns the car before the return date indicated at the time of booking. If the tenant extends the car by more than the specified rental period, but less than one month, PSC would charge the extension based on daily or weekly rental prices. Micro Lease allows tenants to travel a maximum of 3000 km in the rent indicated as a package. Depending on the model of vehicle, additional kilometres per km are charged. Micro rental allows the use of cars with the limits of the state from which it rents the car. In case the tenant goes beyond the specified limit and extends the time of use / travel by the state – daily rent – fine – min 250 per day max 2000 per day or per km (plus) – 10% surcharge is charged.

Originally published on April 12, 2021