FAQ: How to Support Now I Know

Now I Know takes me dozens of hours each month to write and put together. If you appreciate the content, please consider making a recurring or one-time gift in support of the project. And thanks to all of you who already have!

Here are some questions I’ve gotten about this so far.

* Now I Know is still free, right?

Yes, and it always will be. (Don’t worry!)

* Okay! How do I help?

There are two ways:

(1) Become a Supporting Member: You can make a monthly ($5/mo) or annual ($60/yr) gift. Click either link and you’ll be taken to Tugboat Yards’ website — they’re powering the program. Then hit the “Pay Now” button on that page. These auto-renew unless you cancel them, and if you chose this option, you’ll also receive a bonus weekly email called the “member letter,” as a token of my gratitude.  That will happen automatically, but make sure you enter your email address on that page so Tugboat Yards can subscribe you to the “member letter” list.

(2) Make a one-time gift: I really appreciate that, too! Click here to make a one-time gift.

* Can I use PayPal?

Not yet. Tugboat Yards is working on it, though.

* Can I use BitCoin?

If you really want to, email me. We’ll figure it out. (Oh, and if you want to sign up for a Coinbase account, here’s my affiliate link.)

* Can I become a supporting member without getting the bonus email? 

Yep! Just email me and I’ll remove you from the “Member Letter” email list.

* Wait, what’s this bonus email thing again?

Every week, on Wednesdays at 3 PM-ish, I send out an email like this one to all Supporting Members.  It’s a collection of interesting things I’ve come across lately but doesn’t really make sense for Now I Know itself.

Any other questions, email me and I’ll answer them, or check back here to see if the answer pops up. Thanks!



Originally published on January 29, 2014