Go to your Facebook News Feed and you may see, in the upper right, Facebook suggests some brand Pages for you to follow.  Typically, Facebook shows two in tandem — and sometimes, the results are… well, see for yourself:

Facebook Games: Better than Facebook?

And to make matters worse, Mafia Wars isn’t even the biggest game — Farmville and Treasure Isle top it, easily.

Donuts versus Breast Cancer Awareness

At least it’s close…  I guess.

Who needs physical activity when you can sit on the couch?

There’s a “That’s What She Said” joke here.  But I don’t see it, sorry.  Feel free to leave one in the comments.

Wow, is it still 2002?

This one is shocking.  Shocking.


And Dunkin Wins Again!

Also, note that Lady Gaga is about seven times more popular than the generally well-liked First Lady.

Sounds Right To Me

I actually prefer Futurama, but accept the fact that I’m in minority.


On the other hand… really?

And my personal favorite