Chalk this post up to occupational hazard: working for Sesame Street, I am naturally exposed to the ABCs on a regular basis.  Later this week, I’ll be putting up a collection of great ABC Song videos, so please subscribe to my RSS feed if you want to be notified when that’s up.

1) Beard ABC, by Tim Yarzhombeck

I think most of these are somewhat plausible facial hair configurations, although the Z look is over the top.

* * *

2) The Brand Alphabet, by In Picture Design

Most of these are familiar, but I confess — I can’t actually identify all 26 brands.

* * *

3) Fire in the Hole, by Oliver Munday

Truth be told, I’d rather that this didn’t include parts of toy soldiers — but then I remember, they’re plastic, not real.

* * *

4) Not-Quite-Sign Language Alphabet, author unknown, via A Public Flogging

I’ve always been a fan of turning the black space around objects into the focal point of a piece, so this one fits nicely.  Blur your vision if you can’t see the ABCs immediately.

* * *

5) The Alphabet Sky, author unknown, via Ajsha’s Blog

There are a few neat ones over there, but this one is the best of the bunch.  It looks up toward the tops of buildings to see the shapes — letters — formed by sky peeking in.  Brilliant.