I’ll be at the ReadWriteWeb Real-Time Summit next Friday, and I’m not a good fit for it.  Which is why I’m excited to be there.

While Sesame Workshop produces content across types of media, the core content is, of course, video.   Video plus Muppets necessarily requires a too-l0ng-for-real-time production cycle.   Factor in the time it takes to ensure that the content is educational — as demanded by the Workshop’s mission — and being reactive, on video, in real-time is basically impossible.

So I’m looking for ways we can fit in.  We can definitely be trendsetters which dictate some degree of the information stream, but only in small doses.  There’s a huge, untapped pool in which we can make a difference, and I’m hoping the RWW Summit helps us understand that.

On a similar note, I’m still looking to put together a panel on how we can use social media to improve the lives of children (defined as ages 9 and under).  If you are interested in helping, please drop me a note.